SoCal Premier League

The SoCal Premier League is designed to keep tier travel hockey players in game shape during the spring off-season. SoCal Premier League is open to all clubs and unattached AAA/AA players. The league will hold a player draft and assign players to teams.  

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Divisions Information

Divisions Offered
  • 8U (2015-2017)
  • 10U (2014-2013)
  • 12U (2012-2011)
  • 14U (2010-2009)

*All players will participate in their 2023-2024 USA Hockey age classification

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League Details

League Format
  • 6 Games & one Draft Skate 
    • Games begin Saturday, April 15
  • USA Hockey Rules
    • Rule Exception- Tag-up off-sides, icing allowed on penalty kill, 1:30 penalties
  • Three-minute warm-up, two 27-minute run time periods
  • Music played...NHL style
  • No overtime, shootouts or time outs
  • Zero tolerance for verbal abuse to an official
    • Will result in a league suspension
  • Zero tolerance for fighting 
    • Will result in a league suspension
  • All players required to wear mouthpiece
  • Coaches must be USA Hockey certified for the division they are coaching
League Format - 8U (Modified Ice)
  • 6 Games & one Draft Skate 
    • Games begin Saturday, April 15
  • Games may be scheduled as modified ice surface - 3x3 or 4x4 plus a goalie
  • No off-sides
  • Three-minute warm-up, three 17-minute run time periods
  • Buzzer set to 1:30 shifts
  • Continuous play
  • Pull & go after goals
  • No face-offs
League Fees
  • $300
    • Includes 6 games
    • SoCal Premier League (SPL) jersey

SPL Coaches

  • Orange - Chase Reddin
  • Black - Alex Vasilevski
  • White - Mike Woodford
  • Blue - Alex Kim
  • Black - Josh Newton
  • Blue - Vitaly Vishnevski
  • Orange - Taylor Love/Jean Labbe
  • Black - Brady Horn 
  • White - Josh Newton 
  • Blue - Terry Yake
  • Orange - John Siemer
  • Black - Taylor Love
  • White - Tyler Wilkerson
  • Blue - Sean Birkle
  • Green - Jean Labbe
  • Gray - Jacob Romo

*Teams may play on a non-scheduled day to complete the season in a timely manner

The Rinks and Great Park Ice reserve the right to adjust program formats as needed to meet any Covid-19 state or county safety guidelines, rules, or laws to ensure the best and safest environment for our guests, families, and staff.

More Information

For more information, contact:

Jr. Ducks Director of Player Development - Alex Kim

Jr. Ducks A/BB/B Director - Jean Labbe

Great Park Hockey Manager - David Walker

The Rinks Hockey Director – Rick Hutchinson