5:30-6:00am (30 min) - Freestyle (Basic 4 & up)
5:30-6:30am - Freestyle (Basic 4 & up)
6:00-7:00am - Freestyle (Basic 4 & up)
6:30-7:30am – Freestyle (Basic 4 & up)
7:00-7:30am (30 min) - Freestyle (Basic 4 & up)
7:30-8:30am - Freestyle (Basic 4 & up)
8:30-9:30am - Freestyle (Basic 4 & up)
9:40-10:40am - Freestyle (Basic 4 & up)
10:50-11:50am - Freestyle (Juv & up)
11:50-12:50pm - Freestyle (Basic 4 & up)
1:10-2:10pm - Freestyle (Basic 4 & up)
2:10-3:10pm - Freestyle (Juvenile & up)
3:10-3:40pm (30 min) - Freestyle (Basic 4 & up)

4:10-5:10pm – Open Freestyle

3:40-4:10pm (30 min) – Freestyle (Basic 4 & up)
4:10-4:40pm (30 min) - Open Freestyle
4:40-5:10pm (30 min) - Open Freestyle

3:30-4:00pm – (30 min) Freestyle (Basic 4 & up)
4:00-4:30pm (30 min) – Open Freestyle
4:30-5:30pm – Open Freestyle

5:30-6:30am – Freestyle (Basic 4 & up)
6:40-7:40am – Freestyle (Basic 4 & up)
6:40-7:40am – Freestyle (Juv & up)
7:50-8:50am – Freestyle (Basic 4 & up)
12:50-1:50pm – Open Freestyle

5:20-5:50am – Freestyle (Basic 4 & up)
5:50-6:50am – Freestyle (Basic 4 & up)

Please note: This is the general schedule.  Please always view our online freestyle schedule as actual dates and times may change or vary week to week.  

Click here to view Freestyle schedule

Join our Freestyle Contact List to be notified when schedules are available and updated!

We currently do not have an option to reserve sessions in advance (but are working on it!)  Passes may be purchased in advanced, but redeeming the passes for your session may only be done in person up to two hours prior to the start of your session.   Please arrive early to ensure your spot.  Freestyle stickers may never be split or shared by skaters on a session.  

Maximum number of skaters on freestyle sessions is 30 skaters.  

Guest Coaches, please be sure to visit our Guest Coaching Page.   Approval must be processed at least 48 hours prior to your visit   

Session Types

Freestyle sessions are strictly for figure skating practice and figure skating lessons.  Skaters must be LTS USA Basic 4 & up to skate on regular freestyle sessions or with approval from Skating Manager, Michelle Lauerman

Skaters below Basic 4 may skate on these sessions in lesson only but are not allowed to practice on their own for safety reasons.   Please use an open session or public session for practice time.   

Freestyle sessions with test restrictions are for skaters that have passed the equivalent USFS Free Skating Test OR are currently competing at that level.

For example "Freestyle - Juvenile & up" is open only to skaters that have passed the USFS Juvenile Free Skating test OR are currently competing at the Juvenile level.

Open freestyles are freestyles that are open to any level and type of skater. 

LTS practice passes are NOT valid on this session or any type of freestyle session.   


  • 1 hour session - $16
  • 30 min session - $8

Basic Package

  • 10 - 1 hour sessions - $152.50
    • $15.25 per session

Bronze Package 

  • 25 - 1 hour sessions - $362.50 
    • $14.50 per session

Silver Package

  • 50 - 1 hour sessions - $687.50
    • $13.75 per session

Gold Package 

  • 75 - 1 hour sessions - $975 
    • $13 per session

Please note: 1 hour passes may only be used during 1 hour sessions.

Basic Package

  • 10 - 30 min sessions - $75.00
    • $7.50 per half session

Please note: 30 minute passes may only be used during 30 minute sessions. 

Purchase Freestyle Packages

To purchase passes: Create an account, log in, scroll to "Passes", then "Add Passes" to your cart & check out.

Note: Packages are to be used by ONE skater only and are not interchangeable.  Great Park Ice freestyle passes are only valid at Great Park Ice (and not The Rinks locations).    

More Information

For more information, contact:

Great Park Ice Learn to Skate

Great Park Ice Program Registration Desk

Great Park Ice Skating School Lead – Sharon Smith

Great Park Ice Skating School Lead – Jacqie Shaffer

Great Park Ice Skating Manager – Michelle Lauerman

The Rinks Figure Skating Director – Alex Chang