Important: ALL SKATERS must fill out our 2022 GPI FREESTYLE AGREEMENT in order to register for freestyle sessions.  Please allow 24 hours for processing.  




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Beginning Saturday, January 8th, NEW REGISTRATION TIMES:

Saturdays 10am - Priority registration begins for all GPI skaters taking lessons from our staff coaches.  Skaters may register for ALL lesson and practice sessions for the coming week at this time.

Saturdays 12pm - General registration opens for all other skaters.   

Note: ALL skaters must fill out the following agreement before registering for freestyle sessions. Please allow 24 hours for processing.




Session Types

Open freestyles are freestyles that are open to any level and type of skater.  All skaters must follow all GPI Freestyle Policies & Rules. 

LTS practice passes are NOT valid on this session or any type of freestyle session.   

Freestyle sessions with test restrictions are for skaters that have passed the equivalent USFS Free Skating Test.  No exceptions will be made to this policy.  

No Test / Pre Preliminary FS & BELOW - Skaters can have passed a maximum of Pre Preliminary Free Skate.  

PrePreliminary FS & up Session - Skaters must have passed PrePrelim FS OR Pre Juv MIF

Preliminary FS & up Session - Skaters must have passed Prelim FS OR Juv MIF

Juvenile FS & up Session - Skaters must have passed Juv FS OR Novice MIF

Novice FS & up - Skaters must have passed Novice FS & up only (no MIF equivalent)

Elite FS - Skaters must have passed Junior / Senior FS & up (no MIF equivalent)

Skaters may not have passed any USFS Free Skate Tests.

No double jumps allowed.

Max of 50 skaters

In order to have you test level updated, please send your test records to so we can update the required pre-requisite on your account.


  • 1 hour session - $17
  • 45 min session - $12.75
  • 30 min session - $8.50

10 Pack - 1 hour sessions

  • $162.50 ($16.25 per session)

25 Pack - 1 hour sessions

  • $387.50 ($15.50 per session)

50 Pack - 1 hour sessions

  • $737.50 ($14.75 per session)

75 Pack - 1 hour sessions

  • $1050 ($14 per session)

10 Pack - 45 min sessions

  • $120 ($12 per session)

25 Pack - 45 min sessions

  • $287.50 ($11.50 per session)

50 Pack - 45 min sessions

  • $550 ($11 per session)

75 Pack - 45 min sessions

  • $787.50 ($10.50 per session)

10 Pack - 30 min sessions

  • $81.25 ($8.12 per session)

25 Pack - 30 min sessions

  • $193.75 ($7.75 per session)

50 Pack - 30 min sessions

  • $369 ($7.38 per session)

75 Pack - 30 min sessions

  • $525 ($7 per session)

Note: Passes can only be applied to the appropriate session length.  For example, you must have a 45 min to apply to a 45 min session.  


Purchase Freestyle Packages

Please note: There are no refunds or credits on freestyle sessions.  

To purchase passes:

*Log in
*Click on "Memberships & Passes"
*Select "Add Passes" to your cart
*Check out

Note: Great Park Ice freestyle passes are only valid at Great Park Ice (and not The Rinks locations)

If multiple family members will be using passes, please purchase under the account holders name and then all family members can use passes.     

To apply passes:

*Select a freestyle sessions through our registration portal
*BEFORE you checkout when the session is in your shopping cart, click "Apply Pass"
*Check out

Freestyle Rules

*On ice video may only be used by staff coaches and approved guest coaches in lessons. (Skaters are not permitted to use any video while on the ice.) Coaches may only video next to or behind the rink boards.  

*Parents & guardians may record their skater only.  If you would like to review the video at the rink, this may be done in the rink lobby only.  (Video may not be reviewed on / near the ice surface.)

There have been near collisions as well as collisions due to skaters being distracted by video. This policy is in everyone’s best interest to provide a safe environment and will allow skaters to focus independently on the ice.

Parents, guardians, and guests may view sessions from the bleacher seating or lobby only.  This has always been our policy but is particularly important during COVID.  The ice entrance should never be blocked or occupied. 

Instruction may only be provided by staff and approved guest coaches.  All staff and approved guest coaches submit necessary credentials and follow protocols including carrying liability insurance, safesport compliance, and pay a coaching commission to the facility.  

Any instruction beyond this is a liability to the facility and can be distracting to skaters and coaches on the ice.  All approved coaches are well trained and qualified, and we appreciate everyone following the professional guidance of their instruction.  

All skaters must be registered for their freestyle session in order to enter the facility and attend their respective session.  Any skaters found not registered for a session will risk losing privileges to skate at Great Park Ice.  


No refunds are available for any freestyle sessions once registered.  Credits are available only with 24 hours notice.  There are no exceptions to this policy including injury and illness.  To request a credit or transfer, please email at least 24 hours in advance.  

Music priority order:

Coach, Coach, Skater

Please write your name on the whiteboard in the scorekeepers area to put your music in line

Please wear the designated sash while your overhead music is playing

Absolutely no headphones or personal music devices may be used by skaters for everyone's safety

There is a maximum of 30 skaters allowed on the freestyle sessions except for the following times:

*Rink 2 has a max of 35 skaters (due to being an Olympic size surface)

*All basic skills freestyles have a maximum of 50 skaters

Rink Music System

Skaters can play their music via key tags on our rink music system.  Key tags are available for purchase at our front desk for $10 per tag.


Return to Play

Please review our Return to Play protocols before registering for Learn to Skate, Freestyle, or other Figure Skating camps. 

Failure to comply with these guidelines will result in loss of skating & coaching privileges

More Information

For more information, contact:

Great Park Ice Figure Skating