Adult Hockey League

Welcome to the 2023 Adult League! With the safety of all our guest and staff in the forefront, we will continue to ensure our rinks are clean, safe, and kept to the highest possible standards.  Great Park Ice offers three seasons per year Winter, Summer and Fall. 

Schedules & Standings

2023 Winter Adult League

League Details

League Format
  • Guaranteed 15 games
    • Playoffs for top teams in each division
    • Three 14-minute stop periods (1.25 hour game slots)
    • USA Hockey Rules
    • Schedules, stats and standings provided by Kreezee Sports
      • Kreezee VIP App features free to all Rinks and Great Park participants
League Requirements
  • Full equipment is required to participate
  • Matching team uniforms
  • 2022-2023 USA Hockey membership is required for participation. 
How to Apply an Account Credit
  • Login to customer account
  • Proceed with registration for desired program(s)
  • When finished registering for your programs, checkout of the shopping cart
  • If there is a credit on your account, it will appear as an option to use for payment
  • Confirm the amount that you want to apply
  • Click USE CREDIT and complete the transaction 

League Fee Options

Team Payment Details
Benefits of Team Payment
  • Team controls their own roster up to 20 players
  • Lock in your team early
Team Payment Fee Options
  • Team Payment - Paid in Full: $7527
  • Team Payment - Multi-Payment Plan: $8047
    • Two installments of $4023.50
      • 1st installment due at registration
      • 2nd installment due at 2nd payment deadline
  • Captain's Registration Instructions
Individual Payments
Individual Payment Requirements

Requires a minimum of (13) registered & paid players plus goalie to secure a spot

  • All individual players must register prior to the deadline
  • Teams not meeting the minimums may request assistance from the Hockey Department and add players from the draft skate
  • Individual Payment Rosters must have 12 skaters registered to be included on the schedule with the understanding to add one skater and one goalie
  • The rink reserves the right to add draft players to teams to meet the minimum roster requirements
  • Failure to register a full roster of 13 skaters and a goalie may result in your team not participating
Individual Payment Fee Options
  • Individual Payment - Paid in Full: $579
  • Individual Payment - Multi-Payment Plan: $619
    • Two payments 
      • $309.50 due at registration
      • $309.50 due at 2nd payment deadline
  • Individual Goalie Payment - Paid in Full: $270
  • Individual Goalie Payment - Multi-Payment Plan: $310
    • Two payments $155
      • 1st payment due at registration
      • 2nd payment due at 2nd payment deadline

See registration info below for specific registration and payment deadlines

*Goalies should contact their league admin for coupon code. Goalie discount only applies to Individual teams.*

**Convenience fee applied to all Multi-Payment Plan options**


Priority Registration
  • Returning Teams in Gold, 35+ & Tin - registration open
  • Returning Teams in Rookie (Current Rookie Participants only) - registration open
  • General Rookie - registration open
Open Registration
  • New Teams in Gold, Bronze, Silver, Copper & Rookie - registration open
  • New Teams in Tin and 35+ - Contact Hockey Department
Free Agent Registration
  • New players unattached to a team can register as a Free Agent beginning Monday, July 24, 2023
  • Free Agent Draft Skates - TBD
    • Note: All players must be paid in full before skate

Captains looking to fill their rosters are required to attend the draft skate. Please coordinate with the hockey department for more details

Registration & Payment Deadlines

Gold, 35+, Tin & Rookie

  • Deadline to Register:
    • 35+ - Closed
    • Tin - August 1, 2023
    • Rookie - August 11, 2023

Gold, Silver, Bronze, & Copper

  • Deadline to Register:
    • Gold - August 21, 2023
    • Silver - August 14, 2023
    • Copper - August 19, 2023
    • Bronze - August 19, 2023

Divisions Offered

Over 35
  • League begins July 18
  • Games will be played on:
    • Primary - Tuesdays
    • Secondary - Mondays
  • League begins August 28
  • Games will be played on:
    • Primary - Mondays
    • Secondary - Tuesdays
  • League begins August 31
  • Games will be played on:
    • Primary: Sundays
    • Secondary: Thursdays
  • League begins August 26
  • Games will be played on:
    • Primary - Sundays
    • Secondary - Wednesdays
  • League begins August 26
  • Games will be played on:
    • Primary - Sundays
    • Secondary - Wednesdays

Transition from Rookie to Copper

  • League begins August 5, 9 & 12
  • Games will be played on:
    • Primary - Saturdays
    • Secondary - Thursdays

Beginner League - Jersey included for new Rookie League registrants or players switching teams within the division.

  • League Begins August 11, 2023
  • Clinics & Games will be played on Fridays or Saturdays
  • No pre-formed teams are allowed in Rookie League

*Rookie League is a combination of 2 clinics and 12 games. There is no formal draft skate for Rookie League; players will be evaluated and placed on teams following the skills clinics.

Rookie Skills Clinic Dates: 

  • Friday, August 11
    • 9:00 PM (A-M Last Names)
    • 10:10 PM (N-Z Last Names)
  • Friday, August 18
    • 9:00 PM (N-Z Last Names)
    • 10:10 PM (A-M Last Names)

*Teams may play on a non-scheduled day to complete the season in a timely manner

The Rinks and Great Park Ice reserve the right to adjust program formats as needed to meet any Covid-19 state or county safety guidelines, rules, or laws to ensure the best and safest environment for our guests, families, and staff.

More Information

For more information, contact:

Great Park Ice Program Registration Desk

Great Park Adult Hockey Coordinator - Jason McKelvey

Great Park Hockey Manager - David Walker

The Rinks Hockey Director – Rick Hutchinson