Stick Time

Instructions to register for closed stick time (Players):

Please note: Open Stick Time is Currently Suspended Until Further Notice

How to Register:

  • Login to your customer account after clicking the "Players - Sign up for your Coach's Stick Time Slot Here" button below. Please click here to create your account if you do not already have one.
  • Select "Registration"
  • Select the name of the player you are registering
  • Select program - "PLAYER- HOCKEY"
  • "Program Search" will appear
    • Select Location
    • Select Program - "PLAYER- HOCKEY"
    • Select "View" Button Next to Season - e.g. "GPI HKY PLAYER Closed Stick Time"
    • Select "Register" for the desired day/time 
    • Add coach’s name – This is required
    • Click "Confirm Registration", continue to checkout and process payment

Important things to note: 

  1. Health Declaration completed by the player's parent/legal guardian is required every day the skater participates. The link will also be provided on the confirmation email.
  2. Players should confirm the time slot with their Coach of choice before registering. 
  3. Full gear is required for all players.
  4. Please provide your own pucks.
  5. Please do not leave any belongings on the lobby benches while on the ice. Please leave belongings in designated areas. 

If you need additional assistance with registration, click here.

Please review the Orientation Video and Site-Specific Traffic Maps before arrival. 

Review General Policies here.

Instructions to reserve closed stick time (Coaches):

  1. Click the “Coaches – Reserve a Time Slot Here” button below
  2. Select "View" Button Next to Season - e.g. "GPI HKY COACH Closed Stick Time"
  3. Select the time slot you would like to reserve by clicking the “Join Waitlist” button next to the slot
  4. You will see a prompt that reads, “Would you like to be added to the waitlist for this group?”, select “OK”
  5. Once all reservations are received by 1:00 pm, GPI Program Registration will send an email to you directly to ask for the names of the players attending the session and a prompt to pay for the session
  6. After payment, Coaches will receive a confirmation that the players may register for the session – all Coaches must do is inform the player of the time-slot reserved
  7. Players will then be able to log into their accounts and “Join the waitlist” for the preferred time slot
  8. Players will receive a confirmation of their reservation and be sent an email prompting payment
Coaches - Reserve a Time Slot Here

Important things to note: 

  • Full gear is required for all players. 
  • Please provide your own pucks.
  • Emailing reservation requests does not guarantee a reservation; spots are not confirmed until schedule is released.
  • Coaches who cancel their slot after the schedule has been sent out on will be charged a $100 cancellation fee. **However, coaches may find their own replacement for their spot at no charge; the cancellation fee only applies if the slot goes unused.
  • There is currently no Locker Room Access for Coaches or Players. 

Great Park Ice Closed Stick Time Rules and Policies

More Information

For more information, contact:

Great Park Ice Program Registration Desk

Great Park Adult Hockey Coordinator – Brad Sherrick

Great Park Hockey Manager – David Walker

The Rinks Hockey Director – Rick Hutchinson