Learn to Skate FAQ

Great Park Ice has group classes for all ages and abilities. Even if you have never skated previously, there is an entry level class just perfect for you:

Ages 3-6

  • Tot (Snowplow Sam 1)
  • Parent & Me 

Note: Snowplow 1-4 for the Tots is equivalent to Basic 1 or Hockey 1 for youth.  After passing Snowplow 4, skaters advance to Basic 2 or Hockey 2.

Ages 7-11

  • Youth Basic 1 
  • Youth Hockey 1

Note: Basic 1 (figure skating) and Hockey 1 are comparable entry level classes.  Hockey 1 will be taught by a hockey instructor using hockey terminology.   Basic 1 

Ages 12-17

  • Teen Basic 1

Note: All teens start in Teen Basic 1.   After passing, teens have the option of joining Basic 2 (figure skating) or Hockey 2.

Ages 18 & up

  • Adult Beginner (Adult 1)

A 10 Week Learn to Skate Session will includes the following:

  • 30 minutes of group instruction and ice time
  • Skate rental on the day of your class
  • 10 practice session passes to be used on any of our public sessions or LTS practice sessions during your class session
  • Evaluation at the end of the session

Please Note:

You must be evaluated by our GPI Skating Dept and have the required pre requisite on your account to sign up for any classes beyond the beginner level.  

We strongly recommend doing any evaluations before registration opens so you can sign up for your desired class before it is full. 

How to know if you need an evaluation:

If you or your skaters can confidently perform the following skills, please contact Great Park Ice Learn to Skate gpilearntoskate@therinks.com to schedule an evaluation.

Tots ages 3-6: Stand up on own, march, and GLIDE

Youth / Teens: Skate forward, glide, forward, stop, and skate backward

Adults: March forward and glide

When you arrive for your evaluation:

*Check in at the Program Registration Desk and let them know you are here for an evaluation

*You must have an account setup in advance so we can check you in and note your appropriate level - create your account here

We recommend all skaters start in our group lesson program because it is fun to learn in a group, a great value, and you will be exposed to many of our wonderful staff!

Our classes break down to $25 per week and include: weekly 30 min lesson, 10 min practice, and skate rental.

Private lessons range from $40-$50+ per 30 min depending on the instructor plus ice time ($16 for our one hour "freestyle sessions") and skate rental ($5).

The Basic 4 level is a great time to start supplemental private lessons as the skill set becomes more difficult at this level.  Additionally, if your skater is interested in doing competitions and shows (available to skaters of ALL levels), a private lesson coach and assist you with these skating opportunities.  

Make up classes are not available; however you may request a free public session pass that does not expire for a missed class.  


Due to our high demand, we are not currently offering any discounts.  Our group classes are a great value for the excellent instruction and ice time that you will receive!

  • We recommend dressing in layers including pants that allow for movement.
  • BRING GLOVES or mittens - ski / waterproof gloves are recommended for extra protection
  • Wear thin socks that come above the ankle so skates can fit snug
  • Helmets are VERY STRONGLY recommended.  A snow cap rolled up in the back can also provide extra padding.
  • Snow pants are great for tots their first days to stay dry as they are finding their balance.

Skate rental is included with your class.  We recommend getting your own skates by the Basic 4 level so that you have a consistent fit and feel each week and equipment that will be suited for the more difficult skills at this level and higher.  

Skates should fit very snug. If skates are too big it will be very difficult to balance.

All skaters should start in figure skates as it is much easier to balance on the longer, flatter blades. When it is time to transition to hockey skates, we recommend doing so during practice to adjust before the next lesson.

All skaters will receive an evaluation at the end of the session so you know what level to sign up for next.   It generally takes 16-24 weeks to pass a level. This time frame can be greatly decreased by registering for multiple classes per week and we recommend all our skaters Basic 4 & up to take at least two classes per week.   Skaters can also be moved up mid-session if an instructor or the Skating Lead or Manager feels the skater is ready.   It is our priority that all skaters receive a solid foundation to build on for future skills before moving up to the next level. 

Skaters may practice on:

Public Sessions

Learn to Skate Practice Sessions Available to skaters in our Learn to Skate program and their immediate family 

Cost is $10 per skater or you may use one of your practice passes.  Skate is $5 for immediate family members or included if enrolled in our learn to skate program.

Great Park Ice has a no credit / refund policy on classes.   Once your registration is processed, you have reserved your spot in the class for the remainder of the session.