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Get to know us at Great Park Ice!



First Job Experience

Start developing career skills at Great Park Ice! Great Park Ice is the best environment for a first job! Ideal for those that are in need of a flexible schedule. For all new hires, Great Park Ice places a strong emphasis on training with our Top Shelf team - designed specifically to ensure all staff are comfortable with all required job duties before working a shift on their own. 



Operations at Great Park Ice

Operations is the foundation of Great Park Ice! The Operations staff is relied on to man the front lines of our every day business. From cashiers to scorekeepers, each job is important to making sure the rink is running in top shape every day!



Food & Beverage at Great Park Ice

At Great Park Ice, join our food & beverage team in helping enhance the customer experience! From concession stands to the full service restaurant, Great Park Ice has a job for you!



Coaching at Great Park Ice

Join our team of coaches at Great Park Ice! Having a one-on-one relationship with a skater is an important part in their development and enriching their love of being on the ice. At Great Park Ice you can join a team full of staff that shares your passion of figure skating and ice hockey!



The Best Part of Working at Great Park Ice

The best part of working at Great Park Ice? The people! Join our team of fun-loving, passionate individuals to help us create a great experience for everyone walking through our doors! 



Join the Culture!

The staff at Great Park Ice is all about helping people have fun and improve their skills on the ice. Our staff respects the knowledge and dedication each member brings to the team. If you are looking for a fun environment with teammates that are passionate about what they do, join our team today!