Off Ice Classes

Off Ice Classes at Great Park Ice

Great Park Ice offers off ice classes to help improve flexibility, strength, agility, balance, dance, movement, and performance! Each of the courses are designed to accelerate a skaters' on ice development.

Figure skaters are encouraged to enroll in off ice classes to compliment on ice training as the sport places substantial strength and flexibility demands on a skater’s body.

The Great Park Ice off ice instructors are distinguished and esteemed professionals with years of experience and expertise and are sure to help progress a skater's on ice skills!

Check out the courses offered below! 

New pricing structure launching June 10th:
Drop in off ice class - $15
Package of 3 classes (to be used within 7 days of purchase) - $30

Class Schedule



2-3pm Bodyworks 3 – Benoit
315-415pm - Bodyworks 2/3 - Benoit
415-515pm Bodyworks 1 – Denys
415-515pm Ballet 1 - Rika
515-616pm Bodyworks 2 – Denys
515-615pm Floor Pilates - Rika
615-715pm Stretch - Rika

315-415pm Ballet 3 – Galina
415-515pm Ballet 2 – Galina

2-3pm Bodyworks 3 – Benoit
415-515pm Bodyworks 1 – Benoit
515-615pm Bodyworks 2 – Benoit

315-415pm Ballet 3 – Galina
415-515pm Ballet 2 – Galina

600-730pm Jazz 2 - Matt

1245-145pm Bodyworks 1 – Benoit
2-3pm Bodyworks 2 – Benoit



Ballet 1 – ages 7+, all skaters should start here unless approved by Galina

Ballet 2 – by approval from Galina (competitive skaters, experienced dancers)

Ballet 3 – by approval from Galina (elite)


Bodyworks 1 – ages 5-9 start here

Bodyworks 2 – ages 10-14+ start here

Bodyworks 3 – by approval from Benoit

Class Registration

Package of 3 classes (to be used within 7 days of purchase) - $30

Purchasing Off Ice Class Passes

  1. Log into customer account
  2. Scroll down to see passes
  3. Click add passes
  4. Select Off ice Class pass and select add to cart


Join the Off Ice Class

  1. Select registration and the skater joining the class
  2. Select Off Ice in program selection
  3. Select the green registration button for the desired class.
  4. Select the days planning to attend class and continue
  5. If Off Ice class pass was purchased, select “Apply Off Ice class pass”
  6. Select check out

Drop in off ice class - $15

If you are doing a drop in, you will use the following steps:

  1. Log into customer account
  2. Select registration and the skater joining the class
  3. Select Off Ice in program selection
  4. Select the green registration button for the desired class
  5. Select the days planning to attend class and continue
  6. Select check out

Class Descriptions

Our dance and ballet courses are designed to provide skaters with the foundations of movement techniques while making a connection between music, movement and the audience. Ballet and dance are part of the foundation of movement technique for all skaters and is highly encouraged. Our instructors bring a new perspective to the art of ice skating through dance, movement, technique, performance, and artistry in this one hour format.

Dance Progression Chart (dance curriculum by age) 

“Bodywork” is a multi-format class designed for the developing athlete. We incorporate age-appropriate methods to enhance core strength, flexibility, agility, power, explosiveness, and coordination. Bodywork combines elements of dance, off-ice conditioning, and skating-specific exercises to enhance skills both On & Off the ICE.  The better the ATHLETE, the better the SKATER.


Instructed by Great Park Ice's Figure Skating Staff and High Performances Coaches, Jump Skills & Skating Technique courses focus on jump technique, spin positions and balance. The courses are aimed at enhancing a figure skater’s flexibility, strength and aerobic conditioning.

Off Ice Coaching Staff

Scot Prohaska

Scot Prohaska is distinguished as a nationally recognized sports and executive performance consultant.  Scot specializes in elevating performance and developing the careers of elite athletes.  His blend of world-class knowledge, research, in conjunction with creative application of an artist ensures there are no “cookie-cutter” programs or diagnostic work for his clients. Scot carefully evaluates each client and develops a specific program to address individual needs and opportunities, which includes nutrition and lifestyle. He is at the forefront of the newest techniques and discipline, allowing all his clients to maximize their fullest potentials by giving them the tools necessary to compete at the top levels of their field. This has made him an invaluable asset to US Olympic athletes, professional athletes, student athletes, and executives. Over the past 20 years, Scot has traveled across the globe studying with leading experts in exercise physiology, kinesiology, physical therapy, biomechanics, strength, conditioning and nutrition, and mental and emotional focus and strength.  He’s been published in many wellness publications and is an accomplished author in the field of performance and exercise. Because of his expertise at bringing out the best in people physically, mentally and spiritually, players in the NHL, NBA, UFC,  NFL, CFL and MLB consider Scot a trusted friend and part of their inner circle.  Scot is considered someone they are extremely comfortable referring to their fellow players and associates. Scot has also improved the performance USA and Canadian Track & Field athletes.  He’s worked with members of USA Bobsled & Skeleton teams and with numerous athletes from Division I sports programs. Recently, Scot has helped 3 different professional athletes sign 30 million dollar contracts and trained 4 professional world champions (NFL, NBA, NHL, UFC). Both of which were achieved within one year. Scot led back-to-back High School Football State and National Championships at Mater Dei High School. Scot trained the 2017 USA Today and Max Preps National Football Player of the Year, the 2017 High School Football Gatorade Player of the Year AND the 2017 Gatorade National Athlete of the Year (JT Daniels). Other athletes under Scot's training earned the 2017 Butkus High School Linebacker and Defensive Player of the Year award, as well as the 2018 National High School Football Player of the Year. Using his unique model of the 6 Lanes of Performance, Scot trains his athletes with proven and innovative methods.

Randi Strong

Randi Strong, originally from Utah, now resides in Southern California as an industry professional. While her roots in classical dance training led her career for 20 years her passion for dancing, partnering, ballroom, and ice skating set her on a new path. Initially starting in gymnastics and acting, growing through multi-disciplinary studies of dance, Randi brings a new perspective to the art of ice skating and ice dancing. She has choreographed for, and worked with, some of the top skaters in the industry including Charlie White and Meryl Davis, Karen Chen, and Alysa Liu specializing in off-ice skills directly relating to on ice execution. Her other credits include So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing with the Stars, Netflix, Fuller House, The CW, ‪Christina Aguilera, Ariana Grande, and The X Factor. Randi continues to tour the country teaching and performing alike. She is also very proud and passionate about her production company, ‘Strong Productions’ where she specializes in producing corporate entertainment. In the near future, Randi looks forward to producing her first ice skating production show. She passionately works towards making a connection between music, movement and the audience, and is excited to be sharing her knowledge of training and industry experience to all the students at Great Park Ice.

Benoit Duboscq

Benoit Duboscq is a multidisciplinary high performance strength coach. Benoit specializes in the design and implementation of customized programs that are aimed at enhancing a figure skater’s flexibility, strength and aerobic conditioning. As a pioneer in injury prevention, Benoit has developed specific exercise and programs to enhance the skaters’ on-ice performance. He has developed non-impact warm-up routines and sports restoration modalities. Benoit is part of the US Figure Skating national network of sports science and medicine specialists to help athletes and coaches around the country find performance support. Benoit has worked with the United States Olympic Committee Strength & Conditioning division to provide his services to team USA athletes and the USOC high performance division.

His former students include 5x world champion Michelle Kwan; 2010 Olympic Gold Medalist and 2009 World Champion Evan Lysacek; 2x world Junior Champion and 2018 Olympic Bronze Medalist Adam Rippon; 2018 Olympic bronze medalist and 2008 US champion Mirai Nagasu and 2015 US champion and 2014 Olympic bronze medalist Jason Brown, among many others.

Contact Benoit directly regarding private and semi-private training:

Teaching Experience:
20 years of working with figure skaters on and off the ice

The Moscow State Academy of Choreography aka The Bolshoi Ballet Academy Class of 1990

The Bolshoi Ballet / Grigorovich Company
The Bolshoi Ballet Main Company

Stage Experience:
Swan Lake
The Nutcracker
Don Quixote
La Sylphide
La Bayadere
Romeo and Juliette
The Sleeping Beauty
The Golden Age
Multiple tours throughout USA, Europe, Asia

Current and former students include:
Evan Lysacek, Mirai Nagasu, Timothy Goebel, Angela Nikodinov, Kimmie Meissner, Caroline Zhang, Richard Dornbush, Vincent Zhou, Karen Chen, Gracie Gold, Grant Hochstein, Tomoki Hiwatashi, Misha Ge (UZ), Denis Ten (KAZ), Takahiko Kozuka (Japan), Carolina Kostner (Italy)

I'm offering intensive ballet training for skaters to improve artistic presentation, music interpretation, posture, flexibility and strength using methods of Russian classical ballet education in combination with the best traditions of Russian figure skating school.

Please contact Galina directly regarding private and semi-private training:   

Frequently Asked Questions

You may try ONE free trial of each type of off ice class.  To schedule your free trial, contact our Program Office at  

Please wear fitted skating or dance clothes and ballet, jazz or dance shoes for the ballet classes. 

Please wear athletic clothing and shoes for the Techniques and Training classes. 


More Information

For more information, contact:

Great Park Ice Program Office

Great Park Ice Skating School Lead – Jacqie Shaffer

Great Park Ice Skating Manager – Michelle Lauerman

The Rinks Figure Skating Director – Alex Chang